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As I've stated I have trained in the method described. The trainers I worked with may not been the best. The course was titled "Advanced Self Defense Techniques" it consist of the basic draw method and a few drills about how to be better on target and little else. I have stated as well that my choices are based on what I picture a life or death struggle may come to. I would rather trust my own opinion in that case.

I have not said I thought the technique in question did not have value but for me it did not fit in my sd plan. The technique as it was taught to me did not answer or solve so common issues I had with regard to my personal carry style. How do you use the technique say if the attack is arms length, the bg can grab the gun. What happens if I pushed or fall, how does it work with a shoulder holster. A lot of things I did not work for me so I spent my money and time on training and practice I felt would help me and improves my comfort level.

The tone of many comments show an intolerance for those that don't subscribe to the same methods and that's too bad. It really speaks volumes that persons would call me closed minded, arrogant and ignorant just cause I take a different course of action when I comes to defended my life, very personal decision.

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