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In my place, when the alarm goes off, my wife heads into the closet to watch the alarm panel (she is armed too) and I head to the back of my stairs. My stairwell is open with spindles & 36" railing which allows me to either blow-out the backbone of anyone coming up or drill through the top of their head down into their neck. I figure if the alarm doesn't scare them away then they have willingly purchased a one-way ticket to some other place. Let the lead guy get half way up, start with the guy behind him, the leads instinct will be to turn and run, tripping on his partner and walking into a lead wall (AR15 pistol with 30 round mags).

The only concern I have not addressed yet is hearing protection. Shooting a gun in the home cannot be a pleasant experience; much less pleasant for the person at the receiving end.

How many folks here incorporate electronic hearing protection as part of their home defense plan?
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