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TxHunter, I do on occasion take out the 270 for pigs. At one time that was what I normally took to the woods. But, for some reason that I can no longer remember, I started taking the Ruger 77 Compact in 260 with me. I had bought the rifle for my wife, but she isn't that serious about pig shooting. In very short order, I had decided that I really really liked that little light and handy Ruger Compact and I liked the caliber. I started loading the Nosler 120 gr Ballistic Tip and using it on coyotes and Pigs and then I started using it on deer also. There was no real problem with the 120 grainer, but I could see that it didn't have the same trajectory as my 270. Sighted in at 200, the 270 dropped 7, 20, and 40 inches at 300, 400, and 500 yards respectively. I've been using that 270 for so long that I think in terms of that trajectory, and the 260 didn't have that trajectory and I was having to actually think about where to aim on those long pig shots. So...I transitioned to the 100 grain Ballistic Tip and now have about the same trajectory as the 270. Less thinking required by me under "see pig, must shoot quick" situations. I don't yet have much pig shooting data with the smaller bullet, but that should change pretty quick now that the mornings are cooler.

Probably if I was back in Louisiana and hunting the big bucks that are roughly twice the body weight of the deer roaming my place, I'd go back to the 270. Maybe. The thing is that the 270 is my Sako Lightweight Hunter, which isn't that awfully light weight, but it's been tuned up and bedded and it's just the most amazing rifle I own. If I absolutely HAD to make a 400 yard shot I'd pick up the Sako. But that little Ruger in 260 is almost as good and so light and easy to handle and carry. Tough decisions, but GeauxTide understands like I do that the 260 is almost a perfect caliber for many uses.
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