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What would be the practical difference in these rounds in a BG at close range? Any of those would cause significant tissue damage to vital organs. But which rounds would allow you follow-up shots? And which rounds would you practice with more often to ensure you can hit your targets without flinching or dreading the next trigger pull?
Data from real police shootings shows that the 357 mag is significantly superior to the 38 Special. The reputation of the 357 Magnum as a fight stopper was made well before hollow point ammunition was in wide spread use by law enforcement. There were guys I worked with in the early 1980's that used 357 LSWC on patrol.

Blast and recoil are range issues, you will never notice it in a life threatening encounter. Follow up shot are completely dependent on your skill level. A 357 Magnum is a powerful weapon and takes dedication to master, it is not for everyone.

Like Dirty Harry said; "A man has got to know his limitations."
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