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I own way over that limit and between my father and I we would need to adopt a few children to get within that limit. I have purchased 2 rifles just this week. If I had to pick from what I have I would go with the following.

1. Ruger 10/22 (.22)
2. Mini 14 (.223/5.56 NATO)
3. Remington 870 12 gauge
4. Savage 111 .270 Win
5. .50 caliber Muzzle loader
6. I would use this spot for my extremely old Mosserg Model 10 .22 long rifle that was my first rifle. I don't shoot it any more because the trigger sear has worn down and I can't find a replacement but I can't let it go.

I am with those who say to take a stand and try to make changes to the laws that give more freedoms to law abiding citizens.
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