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He clearly knows a lot about LR shooting. There are a few nits to pick, but overall it is decent.

In no particular order:

I don't agree with his use of match bullets on game. If the manufacturer says a particular bullet should not be used for hunting, I may be crazy, but I listen to them.

In his chart comparing various cartridges, his choices were not consistent. While he used the best bullet balisticly for some (the 6mm through 7 mm), others that were OK, but not the best (168 in .308) and pretty far from the best in others (180gr in the 300 magnums is pretty poor, the heavier AMAX is a full .1 higher, and he 240 matchking is about .2 higher) Yeah, he was showing how to compare, but it is important to compare apples to apples, and he should have at least mentioned that.

His choice for .243 is great, but when he talks about "using the rifle you already own" while showing a 105 gr .243 AMAX is misleading. Does any non custom rifle come with a twist fast enough to shoot the 105s?

I also think it is unfortunate that he doesn't talk about the shooter being the most important part of the package until part 6, and up to that point talks about 1000m shots on game like it is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. He does touch on what influences a long range shot in the intro, but I think he could go more in to it, hopefully he will later.

The reality is that if you get the range call wrong by 25 yards at those ranges, your bullet will be a foot or more high or low. If you get the wind call off even slightly, you could be off by feet. If you are shooting at a varmint, that is one thing, being off even 6 inches is a miss. But missing the vitals of a deer or elk by a couple feet will give you a cripple, who will be long gone by the time you get to where they were when you shot them. They will probably still die, but it will take a while.

There are people capable of doing such a shot, but they are very few and far between, and frankly most people have no business even considering it. I include myself in that group, and I have capable equipment, and have been shooting LR for a long time.
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