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Plenty of bullet holes don't "Leak blood", especially gut shots. I shot a doe with a 7-30 Waters 140 grain Hornady at about 100 yards in 16" of very fluffy snow. There were 3 deer and I knew I hit the deer because of the way it took off. In the snow I could tell which tracks it was because the others just kind of followed it. Not a drop of blood. I followed it about 100 feet and nothing. Then I heard a bunch of shots below me and figured the deer had run right into a pile of hunters. I was just turning to go up the hill and saw a spot of red about half the size of a dime. That was the only blood I saw, but it was enough to make me go farther. About 10 feet away it was laying dead in a root hole where a tree went down. When I opened it up it gushed blood. I had hit it high in the lungs. There are plenty of examples like that. Sometimes there is just no sign of a hit. Sometimes it looks like a heck of a lot of damage judging by the blood and it is a minor wound. It just goes that way sometimes.
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