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I had one of those and sold it to a guy that thought it looked cool. Trouble for me is I don't buy into cool. It failed flat and plain as that. I took it to the range expecting to fine tune the sights using a number of slug brands. At 60 yards I could never adjust the sight over enough. Slugs I tried (that shoot just fine) just would not be on target. At the time, I just could not imagine what the sights were for. The common bead would work better. I happened to find a review of that same shotgun in a popular magazine. And one item they quoted regarded the "dubious sights". I took that to mean they found the same case as I did. So if anyone does get a model like this, and finds it to be great, that's all well and good. But don't be surprised if the sights aren't worth a darn, if you happen to get one like the one I got rid of. Come to think of it, I solved my problem with a Rem model 870 and rifle sights. That shotgun prints the holes just where I want them. The Mossberg with the ghost ring sights did not do that.
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