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Interesting Morning Hunt

My son and I went out this morning and got in the stand a little before daylight. I went to a stand at the edge of a food plot that the deer just started hitting pretty hard. Just before daybreak a small deer worked across the plot. I could barely make out the size, but it was too dark to make out anything else.
I let the deer walk wanting to get a better one. About 20 minutes later this yote came in following the same path as the deer exited the plot. I dropped him then got down and moved to another stand a few hundred yards away thinking his scent would spook away any deer in the area.
I sat in that stand until about 9 and had a nice doe come in to about 100 yards
stand and I dropped her as well.

It was a good morning all the way around. Clipped a predator and got some meat for the freezer.

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