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I took both rifles ( I like taking a spare when I'm elk hunting).

As I said, I'm old and lazy. I don't like the idea of tracking wounded elk at night so in the late evening I use my 375 H&H Model 70.

Not much chance of having to track wouldn't elk with a good hit with a 250 Grn Sierra Game King at 2700+ FPS.

Hit it in the ribs, going in one side and out the other, no meat damage but it worked, anchored him right there, didn't take a step after being hit.

I believe under the same conditions the 150 Hornady IBs would have done the same thing. It was only about 150 yards and a clear side shot.

But if anyone is interested, the Sierra 250 Game king is one super accurate bullet. I used 72 grn of 4064 with a 250 yard zero. 2715 FPS at 10 yards from the muzzle.

It mounts a Weaver K4.
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