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I do not understand the point of your question.What are you trying to say?
You give your little spiel on how we are the stewards of the RTKBA as a result of the video, but obviously the guys conducting the video (Catfish, Rooftop, and the purported Lebanese Special Forces) are not such types to care one iota about RTKBA. They aren't any part of "we." So why lecture the rest of us one what two TV/internet goobers and people from another country are doing in regard to our Constitution?

In fact, the show in question, "Strangers in Danger" takes place commonly in locations outside of the United States.

Its wrong to say the stunt represents our military.Thats what I had to say.If you have something to say,please do.
LOL, you seem to be the only one thinking that the shooters are our military or represent our military. They aren't and don't.
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