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My experience differs from many here.

I have had revolvers freeze up.

Example. I was hunting in temps of 10 to 15 below, carrying my model 29 in an EPS tanker rig under my goretex shell, over my down jacket. Took a spill in the deep snow. I brushed the gun off and continued on.

When it came time to use it, I found that I could pull the hammer back, but the cylinder would not rotate at all. Frozen in place. Even after taking my gloves off and trying with bare hands to get it to rotate, it would not move a fraction. Rock solid frozen.

It was just the right environment between the layers of my outer shell and jacket, combined with typical cold winter temps to lock it up.

I ended up going back to my truck and unthawing it on the truck's dash, while I continued hunting with a Glock 21 .45. I took some spills with the G21, but was able to unload it, blow out the snow and continue on.

I am a fan of both platforms and an accumulator of .44 caliber N frames, but I will not say that revolvers are more reliable than modern autos. My experience that ranges from the desert sands of south west asia and the middle east to the extreme colds in the mountains of the northern Rockies has given me a different view.

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