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All the Interarms MK-X Mausers have both Virginia and England stamped on the receiver. They are all the same basic rifle that have sold under various names over the years. They have been sold by various importers who finished them slightly different. Parker-Hale just did a better job of polishing and fit them with better quality stocks. Charles Daley sold a version as did Remigton for a while as the model 798.

The standard versions are quite common and are often used as the basis for custom rifles. You used to be able to simply buy a barreled action for around $250 and have it put in the stock. You could also buy just the action and have it fitted with a custom barrel and stock. I bought this 338-06 used, but I'd bet it was originally sold just as an action.

The mannlicher versions are not nearly as common and do bring a bit of a premium. All of the MK-X's have a reputation of solid, dependable rifles, but can be a little rough when new. I like them.
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