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LR308 magazine issue?

I went to the range yesterday with a DPMS LR-308 and 4 magazines.

I also had my log book.

All four magazines are loaded with 10 rounds and are numbered.

I had a failure to feed at round number 6 in magazine 1 and when I went to log it in my book, I noticed that magazine 1 has had a failure at round 6 everytime it has been used.

Now that I know it is magazine related, I would like some info in what I should be looking for to fix the issue. I also have one other magazine that has the same issue at the same place.

Should I be looking for flash on the follower? Burr on the inside of the magazine?

I am guessing whatever the problem is, it is a very small deviation from design but I am not sure what to look for.

I don't know how I would check for resistance just by pushing down on the follower. I don't know how I would keep from applying uneven pressure to the follower that might hide the problem.

One of the ROs suggested taking the mag apart and spraying the inside with pure silicone. I have never heard of this.

Any ideas?

Carpe Cerveza
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