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It's been several years now, but I had the neatest experience at a g-show. I'm like the guy above, when I enter a show, I'm on a recon and focused. But then, I'll slow down and enjoy the atmosphere. On one visit, I spied an elderly gent behind a table- poor feller looked bored out of his mind and kinda lonely. He'd try to strike up a conversation with folks but they'd just ask his prices and then mosey on. I don't remember what the conversation was- but I struck one up with him. Stood around talking til my feet got sore, then he offered a chair behind the table. Wow, the things that old man saw! The dust bowl, a war in the Pacific, friends and family hack out a living, friends and family live and die, a whole changed world. A guy came by and asked him what he wanted for a 1903 Springfield. The old guy flopped out a price- $700 or so, and without batting an eye, the looker grunted and walked away. I made some comment about that being a fair price. The old guy said, "It ain't about the price anymore- you're the only feller here who took the time to just talk with an old man." He said, "See anything up there you like?" I said "That 1903 tickles my intrest, but I don't really have that kinda money." Again, he said, "It's not about the price anymore- how's about $250 for it?" I saw where the deal was going and told him I couldn't give a dime less than $350 cause I learned a lot and appreciated the time spinnin yarns too. He laughed, said something about it being a funny world and only giving $16 for the rifle years ago. Anyway, I beat his price by $100 and we both had a good day. That was the best g-show I think I ever attended.
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