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I've used full sized 30 calibers and had bullet exits. (308, 303brit, 30-06) so I eliminated them as choices in my pig hunting repertoire.
I have no problem with bullet exits....In fact I like to try 2 pigs(small type) with one shot whenever I can....180 grain 308 or 30-06 rounds do major damage.....

I am also not a fan of the 223 for pigs....Like Double Naught said...

Some just give you more location options than others.

My last outing got 5 pigs with 5 shots(all in the same bunch) out of a Remington 742 carbine..30-06..180 grain bullets.....One round per pig..but if they had been in a tight bunch..might have gotten more.....Oh..I do miss every once in a while on running pigs..but not on my best day could I hit 5 running pigs with a 223 and lay them out....
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