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Because so many have asked about it... we're going to run a "practice day" at the range, a week prior to the match. At this point, all those who have registered have either shot the course before, or they are planning to come to the practice day, so it should remain fair for all.

That said, the exact target placement will vary from the actual match. We also vary the target locations match to match, to keep things from getting stale...

The practice day is October 27th, 2013, and we meet at 9:30am, off exit 52 (I-77), in Bland, VA at the Kangaroo (Dairy Queen side)... at 9:45am, we'll caravan to the range.

The range fee (which will go to the land owners) for the practice day is only 20 dollars. It'll be a casual shoot, properly supervised of course, and we'll have targets set up all the way to 1040 yards. And two of our school's instructor's will be on-site, and will offer advice to help you get your rifle dialed in, as well as free advice on long range handloading, optics needs, etc.

Anyone can come to the practice day, whether you plan to shoot the match the following weekend or not. So if you're not too much into shooting matches, but would just like to come and "stretch your rifle's legs"... plan on joining us October 27th in Bland.

If interested, you can email me (find my email on site linked below), or just respond in this thread...

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