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Don't be hung up on "new"......the finest .22 bolt action ever made was the Winchester Model 52. It meets all your requirements other than being out of production.
I agree about the quality of the 52, but the OP specifically said he wanted a rifle for small game hunting.

I love my 52, but it's really heavy and I'm not going to lug it around in the woods. The original 52 sporters and the Springfield 1922s are also fine guns, but they are collector's items now and I'm not going to drag one through the woods hunting either. The repo 52 sporters would be an excellent choice, but they were made in Japan.

To the OP: This scope fad isn't going away anytime soon. Try one, you'll like it. Get a Ruger or a Cooper if you can afford it or a Kimber if you don't mind buying used and put a good scope on it.
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