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I live in WA and have since 1970. I have carried since 1970, and I have kept up on the laws..

IN WA> you do not have to do anything. Private sale is just that, Private...rifle or long as you follow federal law (resident of same state, and not a prohibited person)

You can ask the person if they are a prohibited person, and if they are a resident of WA,,,or not. You can ask for proof,,,or not...the requirement is that you "not Knowingly" sell to someone that is prohibited and is not a resident of the state.

If you Knowingly sell to a prohibited person...that is where you get in trouble.

IMHO: Ask them...are you resident of WA and secondly, are a person that is prohibited, by federal law, from owning a firearm. If they say they meet the qualifications, and you agree on a price...that should be all you need.

Some people want thought on that is...a person is innocent until proven guilty...NOT guilty until they prove themselves innocent.
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