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thanks guys

The shim thing is to make the gas system lock tight by the time it gets aligned to accept the gas plug. mine is pretty loose and will actually turn quite a bit past where it should be locked up. im not sure that matters, you guys may tell me it doesnt, and I'd be good w that. what i've read is it should be tight, but if yall are shooting great w it more loose like mine, just let me know.

On the barrell, Springfield M1A Loaded model MA9222 has a 22" 6 Groove 1:11 right hand twist national match medium weight premium air gauged barrell (Springfield's description), so KraigWY I guess it should be a good match up with the Federal Premium Match 168 grain ammunition.

Hand guard does have clearance all the way around so I'm good there. I was very careful to make sure it did not interfere with the stock when trying to mate the receiver, stock and trigger group.

I hear you on not changing the gun or ammo until I stop changing my shooting postion and technique. I would love input though on whether the national match gas system is considered by you a worthwhile investment compared to the GI gas system. I saw your opinion KraigWY that the National Match Op Rod Spring Guide is worth it. Don't worry, I'm not sitting here with the Brownell's website pulled up just itching to drop hundreds of dollars into this gun without first getting the most from it - I am just interested in accuracy, and you guys seem to be giving good advice to get me on track.

KraigWY I would definitely do the shooting with irons only, and agree w you it would be a good way to really get to know the gun. A couple challenges:
1. there is no range here that allows shooting iron sights at 100 yards or more
2. my eyesight aint great at 100 yards even with vision correction

So what I'll do is keep the scope on but shoot with the irons (at 100 yards the irons are not interefered with by the sight mount) and see how i do. The Range Officer will not know the difference. I will ditch the bipod next trip and see how i do w just the sling though.

I'd like to follow your advice on the card bedding. I'll try to post photos of what I made and you can tell me if i did it right or mis-interpreted.

Finally, I'd appreciate some input on the theoretical capability of the gun. Not talking about how good I personally can expect to shoot it, today or even next year, but rather, how good should it be able to shoot with the right ammo, and with someone like you guys shooting it... how good can it shoot given its not glass bedded. that would set a good upper limit for me on expectations. what i mean is, if the gun isn't capable of stacking every round in a dime size hole, fine, i'm not that good a shooter (at least not right now) anyway. if 4-5 rounds in a 3/4" contiguous group at 100 yards is about as good as it gets if the gun is not glass bedded, I'd just like to know it so i can be educated on what its limits are.

Will say it again, i really appreciate your input and candor here as yall are the experts and I am the grasshopper here.
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