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re: Joehxx

EAA and HK are the only ones that have charged me for shipping and the work needed that I did not cause. the only other two service issues from other companies stated ship to us and fix and ship back for free. EAA was very rude as well and I hope seriously that I will never want or have to buy EAA ever again.
Kind of funny though. My very first pistol was a CZ99 in 1990. Fit my hand like a glove. Shot like a custom race gun. While reading a lot about the anti 9mm hype in the mid 90s, I looked for a 40s&w CZ99 advertised. Never found one. Sold my CZ99 and got into HKs, then Witnesses, Sigs, Taurus (very under rated and affordable), Ruger then back to the ones that fit- CZ/EZ. As I am left handed, I can truly say that the CZ99/EZ and CZ85 are true ambi pistols I have ever handled and shot. I have never had any problems with CZ/EZ. Your mileage may very and to each, their own. IMO EAA is ISO Loser.
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