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Main carry varies.

It is typically either a Les Baer UTC that has been slightly touched up by Bob Hunter, or (lately) a CZ P01, tuned by Matt Mink. If you can get either of these gentlemen to work on a gun for you, you should be pleased with the results.

Bob is modifying one of his Commander pistols for me, while I'm overseas. You can see it on his website. Blued slide over hard chrome frame, magwell, built on a Caspian setup. He's changing out the safety for a mil-spec, and putting in a Novak gold bead front sight, both at my request.

I'm adding a set of Ryan's black rayskin with silver diamond spine grips from to it, when I get home.

Can you tell I like 1911s? (and also Bob's work?) I also like CZs. Before I left on my current trip to the sandbox, I was doing a lot of experimenting with shooting from the draw, shooting one-handed, and shooting from unusual positions (for example, weak-handed unsupported while standing on one foot and leaning to the side) to try and determine which type works most instinctively for me. (They all work for me, from a standard stance and at a controlled rate of fire...) So far, it was kind of a wash. I can't really go wrong with either a 1911 or a CZ75 variant. (Or, for that matter, a K frame.)

But on the small gun side, having owned both, I prefer the MK9 over the PM9 for actual shooting, especially using unsupported weak hand. Yes, the MK is heavier; yes, the MK is probably too heavy for pocket carry. However, I carry a gun because I may conceivably have to use the gun, so for me shootability counts.

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