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I bought a Taurus 608 with a ported 4" barrel about five years ago. I found the revolver to be reliable and accurate. It's size, weight & porting make it easy to shoot, even with hot .357 magnum loads. It's a great house or vehicle gun. My son has it now and loves it. It's also intimidating as hell to look at.

I like the idea of keeping a revolver at the ready for home defense. There are no springs under tension and no magazines to rotate. I have Colt King Cobra for that purpose now but always felt that the 8 shots of the Taurus 608 was a reasonably priced and formidable home defense gun. This would be especially true if you live in a state which limits magazine capacity to only 10 rounds.

The Taurus 608 is not a Smith & Wesson, but it works well and cost about half as much. It's a terrific "night stand" gun.

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