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The OP thought there should be a protocol for how many uniformed officers may eat lunch together because he is worried they are a "high level target".
The point is whether all should be taking lunch at the same time, at the same location and at the same place.

I can tell you that every LEO I talked to at the range today, was dumfounded.

I don't have a dog in the fight and the last thing I want to see or hear about on the news is some whack seizing an opportunity to wreak havoc.

How much crime is really spur of the moment? I don't know and I don't want to find out the hard way.

You would need to see the layout of this place to see just how easy it would be for someone with a shotgun to take them all out.

The mention of the bikes is just that the number of them in the same place spoke volumes about what was inside.

Bad guys are going to do bad things. There is no valid reason to make it easy for them.

I am not an LEO and never have been, but I make it a point to know what is going on around me.

Perhaps they were far more aware than I thought. I am also aware that safety in numbers is sometimes an illusion. . .sometimes you are a more inviting target.

This particular restaurant has a carry out area that is entered through the back with full view of the dining area and anyone with double O buckshot could have taken everyone of them.

They could have picked a different pair of tables and changed the landscape much in their favor.

I am sure those officers in Lakewood never thought that a simple few minutes of working on their laptops would be the last thing they ever did.

I don't know how many of the responders are LEOs now or have been in the past, but no one I talked to at the range today thought what those guys did was street smart.

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