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I've owned and tested the LC9 extensively and I own the Shield.

The double action trigger on the LC9 is horrible, IMHO. I was initially excited about the LC9 but after shooting it and carrying it for some time I came to realize it just wasn't what I thought it was going to be. It was so bad it tainted my view of the Shield when I first held it at the NRA show.

I picked one up anyway and very quickly realized the Shield was everything I had hoped the LC9 would be. The Shield is current the best in class and is the one to beat.

I think Springfield can challenge the Shield when they release the XD-S in 9mm.
I'm curious if you've fired the PPS. I watch your videos and am a big fan. I'm surprised since you covered the Shield and the XDs so thoroughly, you have never addressed the PPS.

I don't think the PPS is necessarily better than the Shield, but it does have some features the Shield lacks, and is definitely something every Shield buyer should at least be considering.
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