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For the last 9 shots, I abandoned the benchrest and attached bipod. Tightened the rifle sling, wrapped it around left arm, then brought my left hand back until the sling was taut.
Good, now toss the bipod. Let the sling do the work.

I cleaned it throughly and applied a small amount of anti-seeze to the threads.
Take the gas plug out and clean that crap off. Its not needed, its not suppose to be applied.

I noticed my self scewing around with the rest quite a bit
Until you stop flopping around, don't change any thing with the gun or ammo.

Federal 168 Match was made for the M14/M1A. Its not too hot and should work. Might want to find out if you're barrel might be a 4 grove barrel. They don't like 168s. They were made for the 174 grn Mil Match bullet. I had to issue two guns to my NG Team members, one with the 4 grove, for M118 and one with the 6 grove barrel for the M852 (168 gr SMK).

The Fed match is the same as the M852 Match.

I'm still not getting this shim business, I"ve been shooting M14/M1As since 1966 and never heard of having to shim the gas system.

As to the upper hand guard. There should be clearance. It shouldn't touch the stock at all.

I believe one of the problems (in shooting) might be improper cheek weld.

Try tossing the scope and cheek pad until you learn to shoot consistent with irons. Its easier to get a constant cheek weld.

The definition of Accuracy is Consistency.
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