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Originally Posted by geetarman View Post
The thread was started by an observation that eight police officers taking lunch at the same table and at the same time is a recipe for disaster.
Agree to disagree. The OP thought there should be a protocol for how many uniformed officers may eat lunch together because he is worried they are a "high level target". They are people eating lunch. 6 armed and trained people eating lunch. "Some with their backs to the door" do you propose they sit? 6 wide all facing the door? I do firmly believe in being aware of your surroundings and not making yourself a target however I don't believe that putting on the uniform and eating together makes you a target. I think it makes you normal. Why wouldn't someone really intent on killing lots of easy target LEO walk into a station and during morning/per shift briefing walk into the rear entrance of the room and open fire? Then they are ALL facing the other direction, not just half of them...

I just think that the observation was one of paranoia. OMG all those cops in one place and half with their backs to the door *GASP*

There was also a comment about how closely together their vehicles were if they all had to leave for an emergency they couldn't do it at the same time. The thought they would all leave 6 wide and not be one behind the other anyway is one that wouldn't cross someone being paranoid's mind. Guns and paranoia can go both ways both for and against. At least it can in my book.
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