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I have to agree with Bill. I have been rust blueing for a long time. You can get by without some of the recommended stuff. Start with small enough parts to fit into a stainless steel bowl (Flea market item). Get a Coleman single burner camp stove. The cheap kind that screws on to an LP bottle. You will need some sandpaper designed for metal. (Bodyshop supply store) Go down to #600 grit to finish and it will look good. Get Brownell's Blueing solution. Brownell's solution is easier to work with for beginners. They used to send instructions along with it. This is O.K. to start out. It will let you know if you want to spend more to be able to do whole guns. Rust Blueing is a real blueing process that pre-dates acid dips and is way safer. It will last as long as hot dip blueing, but there is a lot of time and work involved.
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