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It seems to me there are a lot of inexperienced hunters on this thread. I have shot a lot of deer that were either wounded beyond recovery or wounded and recovered from years before. Sometimes it is just unbelieveable how they keep on going. The previous post reminds me of a story about 25 years ago. It was the end of the first day of rifle in Pa. and I was at my brother-in-law's house. The old guy next door came over and wanted help loading a deer. He did not hunt anymore, but someone hit one with a car right down the road. It was straddled over a guardrail and the car was still there. The deer had been jumping the guardrail and was hit right in the head. The crazy thing was, the deer was gut shot and dragging ALL it's guts that had slipped through a small hole (Looked about 2-3 inches.) in it's side. It could have been running all day like that. It can happen to anybody. The posts that think not were not even aware of the deer being hit until after watching it a while or after shooting it. How is the original shooter supposed to follow a deer that gets around like it was not hit at all?
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