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First Question

Forgot to answer the original question.
The way it works is like this. You purchase or win a Bid Pack. We call them "rounds". You use the "rounds" to bid on auctions. When you place a bid, one bid will be deducted from your account and the auction price will raise by one penny. When the timer is below the 20 second mark, any bid placed will cause the time to reset to 20 seconds. Giving the effect of a live auction. When the timer is allowed to expire, meaning no one bids on top of you, the auction closes. The last person to bid can then purchase the item for the final price plus shipping. We charge a flat rate of $30 shipping for Firearms. It's much lower for everything else. It's pretty much that easy. The difficult part is no one knows how many other players are watching and waiting to bid. It's impossible to predict how much an auction will go for. We have had a 1911 go for $0.09 and a MSBRG 30-06 go for over $34.00. I've seen much higher prices on other sites, but you can never tell whether or not that site is cheating. I trust The Big Sites like QuiBids, Beezid, and Skoreit, but not many others. We have a pretty large number of our players who will back us up when we say we don't use any immoral measures to influence prices. But the fact of the matter is, any penny auction can cheat at anytime. It all boils down to whether or not you trust the site you play on is being fair.
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