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I carry everywhere I can do so lawfully. The reason being is I am not a psychic if I knew I was going somewhere I would need my gun I would avoid it .
I do not carry at work though. Company policy is against having even a pocket knife on my person, or in my vehicle. While I do not like the policy, I do like having a job, and cashing a check. Heck even the security guards at work are not armed.

If I am walking the dog. I carry. If I am going to the store to buy some munchies I carry. If I am going to the park to fish I carry. When I am home I carry. If we are going out to go dancing, and I know we will be having adult beverages then I will leave the gun at home, and we take a cab.

I carried a 1911 cocked, and locked for years. Then I started carrying a DA/SA gun with the safety off due to design of the safety on the gun I was more comfortable with safety off carry. Then I bought an M&P 45 with no safety, then a Glock 26 I keep my finger off of the trigger, and they do not shoot. I know that if the trigger is pulled the weapon will do what it was designed to do. Shoot.
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