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These kind of arguments are getting ridiculous. The Beretta design was refined first from the Walther P38 locking system, used in the Beretta 1951, then revised to a double column gun for commercial market in the 70's. It was then refined several times before adoption by our military. Do you really think no one tested the guns along the way? Then came Glock, with a new striker design, and mated it with modern polymers and some ideas from the HK VB70 and other striker fired guns. Both are fine pistols, and both have weaknesses, as do ALL guns. Customer support from both firms is very good, and it would take something on the level of a hard core IDPA level shooter to wear either out, and those guys rebulid 1911's, etc, every other year anyway. Buy and use whichever one you are more comfortable with, and quit looking back. I have a Beretta 92FS, and two Glocks in 10mm. None are lacking in durability or accuracy.
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