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This is what CAN happen. . .even on Sunday during the daylight when you think the bad guys are all strung out.

My very best friend is a sworn officer and I love him like a brother.

I hope to NEVER see another incident that takes the lives of officers just because they got lax for a moment.

The restaurant is very open and there are two entrances. I have seen police there often but only in ones and twos.

I have never seen so many in one place at one time and that is what prompted the original post.
Those officers could have been far more aware than what I saw. I hope so.

I do remember in the last 3 years or so seeing 5 officers at a Dunkin Donuts shop.

I go there every Friday to pick up a dozen for the Range Officers at the range I frequent.

The LT. was killed a few weeks later when he was ambushed during a "normal" car stop.

Police work is dangerous enough without giving the wannabe bad dudes an opportunity to make a name for themselves.

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