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I've got a Taurus 65 with the 2.5 inch barrel and a 66 with the 4 inch barrel.

I do have a Bianchi IWB holster for belt carry. The 7 shots is a bonus instead of six shots that a 65 carries.

The 66 hits to point of aim with .357 magnum or .38 Special with 158gr. bullets. With the 140gr. and slightly heavier bullets these all hit close to point of aim. All of this is at 25 yards.

The longer barrel gives one the benefit of boosted muzzle velocity with the 4 inch barrel versus the 3 inch.

I do like the 2.5" barrel on the 65 for summer carry.

Just make sure that with winter gloves the revolver will work. Make sure the trigger will cycle and reset all the way through without the glove material causing function problems.

One other thing. If the gun is carried in a holster so the gun is exposed to the cold the pressures and muzzle velocity will be lower. It may not be a big thing. Just something to be aware of.

I like the Ruger revolvers, that is the GP-100 ,for carry. But as already said the weight is a bit much.

It seems that Ruger has or is making the SP-101 in a 4" barreled version.
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