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I don't loan guns, tools or books. I once loaned my neighbor a nice carpenters level and it came back all scratched up. I grew up in a dirt poor family and money was scarce. When something broke, we had to fix it ourselves because there wasn't money to pay someone to fix it for us. Me and my sisters learned to treat our things nice because they were all we had. I worked summers for neighbor farmers chopping cotton and picking cotton and bucking hay (loading hay bales by hand on a trailer. those things are HEAVY for a skinny 14 year old)

My grandson recently asked to borrow my 30-30 and I had to sadly, regretfully say no because he is careless with guns and tools. He borrowed some tools about a year ago and I never got half of them back because he lost them and around that time, he borrowed my bolt action single shot .22 rifle and several weeks later I had to ask for it back. He had been keeping it in the trunk of his car and the barrel had measles-like rust spots all over it. We were deer hunting once and he was using my
winchester 30-30 to hunt with. I turned around once and caught him trying to twerl it like some hollywood cowboy or something. I don't trust him to treat it right. I recently put a rear peep sight on it thats kinda delicate. In short, the kid (he's in his 20's) is ham handed. I'll let him or anybody else shoot it at the range-if Im there too.

On a different topic, I had a waitress call me picky once. I told her that it was my money I was paying for the meal with. "He who pays the piper has the right to call the tune."
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