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My skills aren't advanced enough to truly evaluate how accurate these rifles are.
The Savage .22 single shot was bought by a grandfather in the 40's to shoot squirrels in his yard. People have wanted to buy this gun, and tell me that rifle quality back then was better. I can't find info on any Savage website to date the serial #s. Is this possible?

My other .22 was found by a friend at a recent gun show, sold for $100, in really good condition.
The Romanian M-69 Trainers are reported to be fairly accurate. This one has a very bright bore and seems to be accurate.
One nice feature is the 5-rd. mag. from Taiwan, which seldom misfeeds.

The M-69's features make it appear to be a baby Mauser, and the sights are much better than the irons on my Yugo 48A Mauser.
I know nothing about 'uploading' photos.

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