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No, but a relative of mine once pushed most of a herd of Harley Davidsons into an apartment complex swimming pool. He moved to another state for several years shortly after that.
Hey...was that in Cape Coral, Florida.

If so, can I get the name,address of your relation? He owes me a panhead. ...

On a serious note:
Complacency cost two LEO acquaintance's of mine their lives.

One had 24+ yrs. in and getting ready to retire. He was killed by a wanted felon on a routine freeway traffic stop. Pulled car over for changing lanes without signaling. Knowing this officer, he wasn't going to do anything but give driver a verbal warning. He walked up to the drivers door and felon hit him, point blank in the chest with a load of buckshot out of a sawed off 12ga. Felon drove off but was captured within 30mins.

The other was a 13 yr veteran. Killed while working spec. duty at a bank. Talking to a customer in line to do their banking instead of watching who was coming through the front door. Took multiple hits from a 9mm with the fatal shot to the side of the head.

I did my job for 33yrs. Not as an LEO but at a job in which sometimes my safety or others could have been at risk if certain procedure's weren't followed. Sometimes, I caught myself getting complacent in certain areas. Taking shortcuts, hurrying etc.

Over the years, I've worked very closely with a lot of LEO's and will say, after a few years on the force, many LEO's get the same way. Cops are human too and a lot of their daily grind is routine. Not cuffing someone when you should, assuming your partner has your back cause he/she usually does. Or not cautiously approaching a car you have pulled over, even for just a minor traffic violation is complacency and can get you killed.

Don't know if these six officers were being lacks in their situational awareness or not but I hope a few were sitting facing the entry(s) of the building while the ones sitting across from them kept tabs on their backs.
I sure they were.
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