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The inablilty to posses a suppressor without the propper tax stamp is what makes them illegal in NY. That is how I read it, now it may be how I read but you just have an odd way of wording things in way where you sound rather.defensive, I dont aim to make you the bad guy but when your wrong your wrong. Certain states are stricter than others.

I would believe that holding a suppressor that isnt yours could get you in trouble. Its the principle,possesion is 9/10ths of the law and if you dont have the papers to match what your holding then its illegal. BUT thats my take on it, I tend to err on the safe side. If you want you can show me where in the law it says different, I will admit that I was wrong.

With the proper paperwork you CAN own one, but that is like saying you can own saw your.shotgun barrel to 8inches. Can you? Yes, with the right paperwork, otherwise it is a felony. Getting an SBS legally is the same process, same papers, and same legality, right?

State statute 265.02 its under the (2) for criminal possesion

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