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Shoulder Holster Question

I have a need for a specific kind of shoulder holster and was hoping you guys could help.

First off let me tell you what I'm looking for: a shoulder rig for 2 government model .45 1911s.

Now let me explain to you how I got here. Me and my girlfriend are going to enter a costume contest for Halloween and suffice to say we can win a good amount of money if we win. The rules say you have to be a historical person or couple. As I am writing a senior dissertation on John Dillinger he seemed the obvious choice (my girlfriend is going as Mary Evelyn "Billie" Frechette; Dillinger's longtime girlfriend).

Through all my research I know that Dillinger almost always caried two .45s in a crossdraw shoulder holster that was made of leather. But my problem is I have no idea how to wear a shoulder rig (the right way) or even where to start looking for one (that I can get before the the 31st). I can use cheap airsoft 1911s to fill it but I really need help here cause frankly I have no idea what I'm doing.

Thanks in advance.
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