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Oh, which reminds me...the Good Stuff is a pretty wide group...anything by CCI or Blazer, Centurion, Eley, Federal, Winchester...
Just make sure it is High Velocity! Which is what the Blowback Marlin Action is designed for.

Standard Velocity and CB Caps will NOT usually cycle the action...but if you don't mind manually cycling, the Standard & Match ammo are great for precision.
Wolf Match...can sometimes cycle, but usually after you've put a few bricks of HV through a 795 to get it loosened up.
Wolf is almost as dirty as Remmy ammo, so clean the action often...

Hyper Velocity...just don't use it in a 795 or a beats the stuffings out of the Buffer...
which means eventually little plastic shards start jamming the action way before their usual 25-yr lifespan ends...
they also tend to drop into the trigger guard, which makes the trigger suddenly get REALLY hard to pull...

And you can Pimp the 795 quite easily!!

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