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skip the Remington Golden ammo, while it is generally accurate (when it is loaded correctly),
it is without a doubt the least consistant ammo made for .22LR applications.

What does that mean?? Lots of problems...
Zero powder loads (squibs)
Short Powder loads
Double Powder Loads
Lack of Primer
Spotty Primer application
Improper crimp
Improper bullet size
Improper case length...
it BOGGLES the mind that the MFR who makes some of the best Centerfire ammo in the world makes some of the worst Rimfire to ever exist.

Suffice it to say that my personal belief is that they use not only factory seconds in the Remington rimfire bulk packs,
they probably throw in the stuff nobody in their right mind would use as well...

I'm also as OCD as Monk when it comes to ammo...and have been known to Micrometer entire bricks...
not to mention pulling them apart, measuring the powder charge, examining the primer...etc...etc...etc...
Hey, it is a Journey of Exploration!! lol...yeah, my Wifey doesn't buy that excuse either...

P.S. No, the Vipers aren't worth a dang either.
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