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I'll never forget a lesson taught during my very first "in-service". It was about Officer Awareness and was taught be a man who is now a friend and teaches at a local Correction Academy.

He related an experience he had when he was a Patrol Officer in Florida. He had just gotten off duty and was going home in his personal vehicle but still in uniform. As he stated, in his mind he was no longer on duty. He was just another civilian. He stopped at a convenience store to buy a soda, got out of his truck and approached the door without paying much attention to his surroundings. He opened the door and immediately took two rounds of 9mm, point blank and dead center mass, from the guy who was robbing the store.

He still has the body armor he was wearing at the time. It has two punctures about 2 inches apart dead center of the trauma plate area. He said he placed that vest where he would have to look at it every day before going to work.

A uniformed officer can never let their guard down. Just because you are eating lunch doesn't mean you are off duty.
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