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Several states have a round limit for hunting rifles...that's why the 3-4 round mag is so popular for hunting rifles...
make sure of your state's hunting laws...worst thing you wanna do is wander around with a 12Gauge Saiga w/ a full 20-rd mag
when you may only be allowed 3 rounds...its those little things that are important

And honestly, most hunters make one or two shots a day...deer be some tricky little devils...

That being said, your best bet for a New Bolt-action is the Marlin X-7 in .308 for your price range!! Start at $299...
It comes with a fluted bolt, adjustable target trigger, button-rifled barrel, factory-installed recoil pad AND pillar bedding!!
There ain't a better deal for a Sub-MOA from the box rifle out there!!
Boyd's Riflestocks also makes some wicked laminates if you wish to upgrade the stock for around $99
for some reason all the calibers available are NOT listed on the Marlin site...I gotta call & raise some cain next week...LOL
Jeff's review can be found here...

The Kicker...and this is a sweet that the X7VH (Heavy Barrel) can be found for around $350!!!
This is THE rifle for F-Class long range work!!! Again, Boyd's is where you go to get a wood stock for these little wonders!!
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