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I live here. I know how they interpret the word "possesses" and "possession". Just like it's illegal for a person without a handgun permit to so much as PICKUP a handgun,.....
I think you are much better off telling the truth instead of just making stuff up.
Suppressors are not different. Without being one of the EXCEPTIONS to the law that makes them ILLEGAL, simply holding one in your hand is illegal. It doesn't much matter if you believe it or not, it's true.
Based on what you have had to say in this thread I certainly do not believe anything you have to say on the topic of firearms unless you bring some proof to the table.
It's obvious that you have some sort of agenda .....
I obviously do have an agenda, it is to support the right to keep and bear arms. When I was lobbying to ease restrictions on firearm use in WA it made me sick when legislators and gun owners just like you would try to educate me on what the law said or meant even though they have no clue about it themselves. Why are you so against educating yourself on what the law actually says?

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