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So you have nothing to support this claim? We are just supposed to believe what you say with no evidence?
NY State will not allow someone to just get an FFL and pay the SOT. It's NOT something just any ordinary person can just do.
You make it sound like it is so hard to get a license or tax stamp, it is not. They are issued on demand to anyone who fills out the applications properly. Or can you show me just one case there a properly executed application was denied?

The standards for owning a silencer are extremely basic, easily accomplished and virtually standardized nationwide. Fill out the federal and any required state applications and it is yours. No physical exam or test is required; driver's do not have it that easy.

Can you tell me more about this "narrow, restrictive, difficult, time-consuming and expensive criteria,...." as it applies to silencers and cars? I have owned eleven automobiles/motorcycles and fifteen silencers in the last 33 years. I have spent far more money and invested far more time in fulfilling the requirements to buy and drive these vehicles than I have the silencers I make. I would like to see actual numbers to support your claims.

even then NO ONE ELSE can so much as HOLD the suppressor in their hands.
This claim is complete BS. I challenge you to show me any federal or state law that prohibits merely handling a silencer without the authorization of federal or state authorities.

I am tired of your baseless claims. It is time for you to man up and post links to actual laws instead of just assuming we are stupid enough to believe anything you post here. CAPS are not substitute for real evidence. Your attitude towards guns and gun owners is insulting.

Discouraging firearm ownership on a gun forum is bad form.

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