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Bill Carson
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rigmarol, I've had this same problem on some of the conversions I've done. I've had to file the outside edge of each tooth to a slight bevel. also the top edge of the tooth where it abruptly drops off to the next ramp. I've also smoothed out the incline of the ramps. on some it was nessary to file this top edge to a slight curve. Then file the tops of the teeth. I'm doing this file work consistantly on each ramp and tooth ever so slighty, then re-assembling to test for funtion. it takes several repeats but I've always got them to work. once working I dress all the surfaces of the ratchet mechanism with 600 grit till it has a good polish. then re-assemble to check function again. some work on the hand was necessary. I put a slight bevel on its upper leading edge where it engages the teeth of the ratchet. each pistol is different and requires various degress of this type of work. There is no one size fits all to adjusting these. Continue retesting and fitting will leave shiny wear marks. look for the wear marks. they will tell you where its hanging up. and alow you to fine tune the work.
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