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Sure, the WSM has efficiency, etc. going for it, but is it really worth the cost increase over the .270 Win? If you're buying a new rifle, the lifetime ownership costs will outweigh the rifle price. The .270 brass will be cheaper, with all other components costing the same.

In 10-15 years the 270 and 300 WSM will be the top magnum sellers and move the 300 WM and 7mm Rem mag to 2nd place. The trend is already happening. The other WSM's are history.
If things continued as they are (unpossible: what can not continue, will most certainly not!) I could see this.... I do not think things will continue as they are, and I think the economic future of the country is very unstable. Tried and true might survive, but oddball stuff is going away, IMHO. Companies that are going to survive are going to cut back severely, and cheaper stuff that works well will stay.
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