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Last year I spent a bit over $300 on gas and maybe $50 processing supplies (freezer paper, saran wrap, tape........ bought some new plastic tubs, too) $60-70 on permits, 14 bucks for beef tallow .... butchered 7 deer,, 4 turkeys, a pheasant and a couple of quail in 10 days, ...... 4 of the deer were small (Sunday Orphan Patrol), while 3 were mature bucks (one was huge)..... the small ones yielded probably 40 pounds of meat, the others on the order of twice that. Approx 120 lbs of deer and a turkey went home with my brother..... leaving me with a freezer of venisonand turkey for about $450...... about $2/lb. Considering the local butcher shop charged me $1.40/lb for beef tallow, not bad.

This year I can't swing the gas, so I'll be hunting local ..... I don't imagine we'll be as successful.....
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