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Load Data for AA1680-

I know this is pretty late info as your date of posting shows, but I too have an 8 lb jug of 1680 I bought when I first acquired a .454 Casull. That was some years ago and I'm 66 now so I want to use it up. There is a couple HEAVY loads for Linotype bullets in the .454 which I don't care to be a gun platform for. The 49th Lyman Reloading Edition shows some loads for .30 carbine as well as .32-20 using AA1680. I do have an H&R Mag.32 pistol and a Davidson. 32 Ruger with a .32 H&R Cyl and a .32-20 cylinder. Five inch barrel and I can cast all kinds of .32 cal bullets so I plan to use the powder that way.Also saw a .223 cast bullet load in there using 1680. I will adapt over some of the hi-pressure .32 H&R loads but only in the large frame Ruger Davidson. Anyway I have the .32-20 cyl and that should do well. I even thought about getting an SKS, but being a Viet Vet, I saw one when a slam fire blew the bolt back into him.I never trusted SKS's, but they say you can install a firing pin return spring and fix that little thing. There are few bolt actions, but they have been made, just try and find one.That's all I know.Steve.
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