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I didn't know about a 240 grain warning concerning the Henry Big Boy --- can you fill me in?

One winter...about 7 years ago: I was standing about 10 feet away from a guy on the firing line at our private range, that was shooting a Henry Golden Boy in 45 Colt; offhand. He fired... and one of the rounds in the tubular magazine exploded --- buy a round behind it --- which pierced the primer, thus setting the round off.

I did not know whether he was shooting handloads or factory ammo. He suffered shrapnel puncture wounds to the left forearm and abdomen.

The RSO --- at the time --- was about 1/4 mile away, up at the trap field. I did not even get his range badge number; The wounded shooter and I, agreed to call the ambulance --- though I did offer to take him to the hospital --- because the range house phone needed a certain {unknown to us} code to work, and the 911 operator from my cell phone wanted the exact address; which we did not know. He just took off to the hospital in his white Toyota pick-up. That was the last time I saw or heard, about what happened to the wounded shooter.

The RSO came back on his ATV, around 15 minutes later...and he ask me if I knew the wounded shooter's range badge number? My reply was ---- no.

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